Our Approach


People often ask, what does IDP mean? We're proud to answer, “Integrity, Diversity, and Purpose.” These three words are the foundation on which our business was founded. It’s the reason we all come to work every day and why our business continues to grow.



Integrity is the reason why our public and private partners trust us. Local governments, community leaders, businesses and our investors trust us again and again because they know we stay committed to the communities in which we work. Our passion is to transform communities and leave a lasting positive impact for generations to come.



We believe our country’s diversity is one of its greatest strengths, and we are proud to partner and engage with communities that represent different races, ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds. Our approach to each development is to identify and focus on the needs of a community. Once that need is identified, we determine how the property can best serve the individuals living within that community while providing both social and economic development opportunities.



The purpose behind all of our developments is to build better places. In doing so, we strengthen communities, improve neighborhoods and empower individuals. Our developments create jobs and provide stability to the cities in which we work and to the individuals we work with.


IDP In Action

Just a couple ways IDP Properties has strengthened communities, improved neighborhoods and empowered individuals.